About Us

About Us

Audrey has been an avid golfer for over 10 years.  After taking up golf, she quickly joined her local chapter of a national women’s golf organization and remains an active member.  She promptly found trouble finding the sizes, colors, and styles in golf attire that she liked.  This was resolved when she co-designed skorts for personal use.  Audrey also enjoys photography and bird watching.  She has worked as a medical professional.  When she began working part-time she wanted to find a second career that incorporated some of the hobbies that she was passionate about.

Sheryl has been a golfer for over a decade and has spent the last fifteen years in the golf industry working for a major golf and country club corporation. Sheryl’s hobbies also include playing the piano, cooking, and travel. As a reader of popular fashion magazines, Sheryl always wanted to bring fashion to the golf course, but didn’t know how to accomplish this on her own.

After many years of discussion, changes in life circumstances presented the opportunity for Audrey and Sheryl to have further dialogue about starting a golf business that focused on women. Many months of hard work later, Fore Golf Divas, Inc. was founded in 2010.

Thank you for your support. We welcome your comments/questions.

Photography by Fore Golf Divas, Inc.